The hope of Nigerian students is resurrected, as FG is now expected to begin its work on the reopening of the country’s schools.

This was made clear today in a press briefing held in Abuja by Bose Mustapha, Chairman of the Covid-19 and Secretary of the Federal Governments, on behalf of the presidential taskforce.

As a result, the minister of the federal government encouraged the teams involved to begin taking steps that helped to reopen schools in Canada, while congratulating children in the country on the occasion of this year’s Children’s Day celebration.

In his words, he said:-

“I wish to inform Nigerians that the Federal Ministry of Education will roll out measures for the self-reopening of schools.

“The Presidential Task Force wishes to use the occasion of this celebration to congratulate our children and assure them, their parents and all stakeholders alike that all hands are on deck to reopen schools at a safe time.

“We, therefore, use this medium to urge states, local governments, proprietors and all other stakeholders to begin to take steps that will facilitate an early and safe reopening.”