Cynthia Morgan, singer from Dancehall, made U-turns after accusing music director Jude Okoye of having a social media accounts and VEVO.

Now the troubled singer said that they had no trouble with Jude Okoye, but Joy Tongo, her former manager.


Cynthia Morgan opened a live session on Instagram with the lady Sandra, who started “Bring Back Cynthia Morgan campaign”.

Joy Tongo and not Jude Okoye, she said, have been the problem all along.

She claimed Joy was not doing her job well, the middle guy.

Cynthia said she would make peace with Jude, as she could never make peace with Joy Tongo, because she hadn’t had any trouble with Jude.

Watch the video Below.

Cynthia Morgan claimed she was losing her name, Instagram account, royalties, and VEVO.

Note, Jude Okoye who opposed Cynthia Morgan ‘s statements said that he would share the contract online.

However, in the contract which was signed in October 2013 and ran for 4 years and had a 2 year option renewal, It also had a 50-50 sharing formula and it was not stated anywhere that Cynthia Morgan would lose her name.

See some reactions after the contract was released to the public below…

“So Cynthia Morgan lied? The easiest way to get Nigerians on your side is to tell an emotional story and sprinkle some tears for effect. Works everytime!”

“So Cynthia Morgan lied? Another lesson learnt, we have to always wait for the two sides of the story before judging.”

“So Cynthia Morgan actually lied. Wow. It’ll get to a point that people would laugh off peoples actual tragedies on this app cos they’ve been played too many times and I won’t judge. Fr.”

Source Flvibes.