A woman is said to have left her husband after being enticed by an overseas man’s luxurious life.


The husband married the woman and took her to Lagos, where he gave her a smartphone to keep her occupied while he went to work, according to a Twitter user who shared the story.

However, the wife began corresponding with a man from another country, and the two agreed to meet.

She told her husband she was going to see a friend in Abuja, but it was the rich man she was seeing.

The Twitter user shared;

”A guy met you, liked you. Proposed and married you and brought you to Lagos, bought you a big phone to at least keep you busy once he goes out to find what both of you will eat, you now used the phone to start chatting another guy abroad.

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You guys planned to meet up you lied to Your husband to visit your sister in Abuja, and went to meet your lover, that one no do you.

The guy she went to meet has money she called the husband saying she is not interested in the marriage again. This guy has begged cried and all but this babe no Even Change mind.

The family have seen money and they’re saying the guy should leave their daughter alone, omo some of you women are heartless

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No empathy. Just three months of marriage you’re putting your man is so much pain. This guy wan mad

Some of you are dragons. I felt so bad seeing this guy today…”

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