A woman has expressed her thoughts on the much-discussed issue of how to maintain commitment in relationships.


The woman said that if a man is financially stable, he would never be made fun of by a woman.

This was confirmed on Twitter by her, who wrote:

”If you’re rich, a woman will never cheat on you, period”

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@baddestcash_; Money doesn’t keep a woman. They will still cheat with a guy they will be funding with that your wealth

@sobadimu; She’s likely to cheat (because, as a rich man, you’ll be very busy and possibly travelling) but she’ll try as much as possible to hide it from you. But she won’t leave your house. No woman leaves a rich man for a poorer person. She’ll rather chop outside and ‘clean mouth’…..

@AriEmpire_; It is just like saying if a lady is beautiful, her bf will never cheat on her.

@foxydnaa; i don’t think will smith agrees with this one

@SonofMuchacha; Lol. People don’t understand that it is not in your power in any way to control your partner cheating or not. If you like be rich, s*xually powerful, religious, flexy, if she go cheat, she go cheat. If she won’t, she won’t. And vice versa.

@_Thatfulanigirl; A cheat will alwz be a cheat, they are like thieves, they are never satisfied until they get caught, xo if u like hv billions if she have it in her DNA to cheat, she will graciously cheat on you and close leg like ntn happened