Naira Marley, who is constantly dragged and chastised for his controversial posts, has come to the conclusion that haters will still ridicule him no matter what he does on social media, whether good or bad.


People insult you because they are insecure about something they lack, but you are fortunate to have it, according to him, and that is the most common explanation why they insult you no matter what you do.

We are in a country where our culture and morality prevent us from saying or doing something publicly but then Naira Marley seems not interested or bothered with that hence does whatever he pleases and that makes others insult him.

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It’s true some people hate and insult you when they are insecure about something around you but that is not always the case as sometimes you give these people the need or reason to insult you because of what you say or do.

screenshot below;

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