Most women despise going out with broke men or men who lack the financial means to meet their needs and  majority of men have been turned down for this reason alone.


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Similarly, today’s men aren’t interested in dating broke women.

Some ladies dress up in designer clothes yet don’t have any “kobo” in their purses, but they have the audacity to turn down offers from men of similar rank rather than cooperating and having their coats tailored to their measurements.

Slay Queens are notorious for having such behaviors. They will often treat men with disdain because of their financial standing, but they are the ones who are the worst off.

Some ladies were seen hanging out at Suncity in a video posted online when a friend wanted to expose her peers for their phony lifestyles.

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The lady said in the video that she was the only one of her friends who could afford the most expensive drink on the table.

She bemoaned the fact that her mates were dressed up but could only afford GHC1O Alvaro drinks at the table. Her friends seemed to be well-dressed, but they had nothing in their pockets.

Her friends however ignored her while they pretend to be looking through the menu making it look as if they want to order something but “nothing give dem”.

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Watch the video below: