A baby aged three months, Olive, has become a viral celebrity after taking photos of a series of grumpy facial expressions.

The mother of the child, Alice Tranfield, stated that as a British and Australian citizen Olive needs two passports.

She took the pictures at home by herself with her phone as she could not get a passeport picture due to the Coronavirus pandemic and, in summary , the results for 2020 were a total confusion about her insane birth time.

The mom spoke to metro.co.uk thus ;

I suppose her expression does sum up 2020: Complete confusion of this crazy time she has been born in to!’ .

‘My partner James works from home and my three-year-old son was playing nicely.

‘Olive had just woken, so I thought this was a good opportunity to have a go at getting a shot. ‘Since the day she was born, Olive has looked pretty angry! ‘At my six-week check (over the phone) the health visitor had asked whether she was smiling yet (a six-week milestone) and she definitely hadn’t smiled, her frown was strong though. ‘They even called me a few weeks later to check… and she finally had, but we certainly get more frowns than smiles. ‘To try and get a good passport photo without Olive wriggling, I shouted to my husband James to come down to hold her.

‘In the requirements for a passport photo, it states “eyes must be open and clearly visible”, “facial expression must be neutral”, both edges of the face must be clearly seen with shoulders squared to the camera. ‘These seem quite impossible to me, I’m not sure how other parents find it!’