Undeniably, this year’s Big Brother Naija reality show is the best to have ever happened since it inception.

The organizers were heavily bashed on social media for the selection of the housemates but they turned out to be the best after all.


Their composure, intelligence, tenacity and energy are unmatched. A clear example is Laycon who was not rated but emerged the winner due to his wonderful abilities.

The bar was raised this year and we believe the next batch will not not fail to impress as their predecessors put on a good show and earned a name for themselves.

We believe their personality will have an effect in next year’s selection and these are some of the things we believe we may see in the house.

  1. Complexion and Beauty

Colour complexion is a thing held in high esteem in Nigeria but this year’s BBNaija reality show has proven that dark coloured people can make a difference.

Though Ozo and Nengi influenced the viewers with their colour, the likes of Laycon, Vee, Dorathy, Neo among others commanded respect and won the heart of many viewers.

2. Talented and Intelligent People

This year’s housemates proved that intelligence and talent are the two most important things to possess if one wants to progress in the house.

The likes of Laycon, Ozo, Vee, Prince, Triky Tee etc set that pace and we expect others to toe that lane.

3. Housemates will play the victim and pity card

The ‘pity and victim card’ appears worthy to belief as most fans and viewers resonate with the state of the housemates.

Over the years, it has been the strategy played by most housemates and it has won them the show or gotten them to the final.

Laycon enjoyed ‘pity votes’ from Erica’s abuse and also the timely revelation of his health status.

Both have been identified as strategic and contributed to his win. We believe next year’s housemate may play that script as well.

4. More Fanbases and Celebrities may throw in their support for particular housemate(s)

We are in for a much bigger and a countless number of fanbases unlike what we saw this year.

We are tempted to believe that some lucky housemates may start their campaign from the house before they get introduced to the world.

Top celebrities and media influencers will join the fray as well as some management teams will contract them to help their client.

5. New improved tasks

This year’s housemates handled every task with ease due to the abundance of intelligent and talented people in the house. Their wonderful abilities saw them win lots of cash prizes from tasks.

With that in mind, Biggie may introduce more entertaining, educative and intense tasks to prevent housemates from sleeping and lazying around.

6. Disqualification and Drama

We may see a housemate being disqualified next year as some believe it to be a good strategy to play in other to stay relevant and make some cool cash from it.

Tacha and Erica are living testimonies of such event. We are optimistic there will be a drama queen and a housemate who would be disqualified from the show.