Rema – Smooth Criminal (Lyrics)


Another banger

Smooth criminal, Michael Jackson
Oya go, you wan [?], ehn-eh
Look twice, make you know who you dey talk to
Before you go yarn, shhh
Your babe dey find me for outside
She lie say she wan go piss, yeah
Me and my guys make more money than you yearly
My G, listen

How am I living exotic?
What am I wearing? It’s foreign
What am I drinking? It’s cortège
All of my exs, I’m sorry
I know yourlife is boring
Please do not disturb me
When I am working, I’m working
When I am playing, I’m playing
[?] please don’t delay it
If you don’t give me, I take it

Pepper them
Pepper nah, pepper nah-ah
Pepper nah, pepper nah-ah, yeah
All of the girls them dey whine, them dey dance koroba, ola, ah
Omo sho ja
If I withdraw money you go ja, ah
Smooth criminal, ah

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